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Hospital Lighting Design Suggestion

Source: Lighting Classroom
Translated by lead lighting
Modernized hospital has great lighting system that builds a comfortable environment for patients to be easy and medical workers do work efficiently. 
Sheet: Hospital Lighting Parameter in Architecture Lighting Design Standard

places illuminance value(lx)
sickroom, stairs, passageway,toilet 100
hall, waiting room, duty room 200
consulting room, nurse station, BICU, office, control room 300
laboratory, pharmacy 500
rescue room, operating room 750

Patient Department
Patient department is the center area of hospital. It should consider how to fully play the area function in a comfortable environment. The patient department is usually set in the first flood which gets more artificial light so that the designer should consider illuminance balance between artificial light and nature light.

Public Area 

Public area is a heartland that turnover is frequent and it connects with consulting room, corridor and stairs. If atrium space lighting design applied in public area, gas discharge lamp is a good choose. Nature light and artificial light in atrium space should be stable convention so as to avoid uncomfortable visual because of brightness difference caused by low brightness around atrium space.
Maintenance convenience is an important factor for installing lights in a shared lobby with little natural light.Installation of small flood light in side wall of hall corridor is easy for serviceman to change and maintain light for he can touch the light easily. The serviceman can adjust angle of the light to create soft lighting environment for patient. Lighting design for registration window, charge window and laboratory window should be bright because medical staff, patient and patient’s family member need a bright environment to read and check all kinds of report and receipts.

Public Walkways
Lighting request of public walkways is different from that of patient department. Inpatient needs a quiet environment and light should be gentle. Therefore, illuminance is about 50lx. 

Embed warm light fixture or warm light led tube is good application.Each sickroom should set a good corner light for nurse to go on night patrol and the light fixture can be turned of in late night.

Passageways and emergency exists in public way should be marked with lights. Longer passage corners should mark lamp for evacuation and and evacuation lamp distance is no more than 20 meters..

Consulting Room

Horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance in consulting room should meet  doctor’s requirement for observing and writing. Illuminance is over 300lx. In addition, consulting room with good natural light condition should upholster with Venetian blinds for important indoor also need to avoid direct sunlight in summer season.
Treatment Room
Treatment room adopts cold color light. CRI is equal to or above 80 so that people can be concentrated. What’s more, it should be avoid that direct glare causes harmful effect to patient visual when designing light solution for some patients may lay supine on bed.

Examining Room
Lighting for check-up should consider light source CRI. For examining room for patient, lighting atmosphere should be safe and relax to relief patient emotion.

Radiotherapy room
Radiotherapy room does not need high illumination but need dimmable light. X-ray room needs 200lx illumination. 


Illuminance in sickroom is usually at 100-200lx. 

Notice that it should be No glare to patient who sleeps on his back or in accumbent sate. Private room or standard room can be designed with berth lamp.

Operating Room

Operating room is a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations. Doctors are responsible for surgical operation usually in a nerves state. Therefore, lighting design in operating room should focus on how to reduce fatigue of medical workers. High illuminance should design from operating room to preparation room passageway, which request light with good heat dissipation , shadow, strong structure and no dust.

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