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New Lighting Design Trend in Fitness Club

Translated By LEAD Lighting
In recent months, China witnessed several ways to prove one's top-notch shape, including placing coins on one's collarbone and the belly button challenge.
But that's so yesterday. The latest trend is the "A4 waist challenge" where women take photos with a A4-sized paper placed in front of their midriffs. If one's waist is completely hidden behind the paper, it is concrete proof that one has a thin waist.
A growing keep fit fever is sweeping over China. For most young people in urban city, fitness club is a good place for them to go. For fitness clubs, how to make fitness club lighting to attract the growing customers in decoration is indeed a question.

What is LEAD Suggestion?

There are three basic principles for fitness club decoration.

1.Design orientation is fitness and leisure.

Fitness club is not just a place for people to do exercise but a good place for people to relief pressure, enjoy happy moment and have party time with their friends. A good fitness club is of better functions of ventilating and lighting where make people get good health and make them really feel refresh.

2. Function layout of fitness club should be scientific and reasonable.


3. Environmental protection and low-carbon are keys for 

decorating fitness club.

Cardiovascular Machines ( aerobic exercise ) should be designed toward to outside places with landscape and wide vision. Physical training room needs enough space for gym member. Yoga room should be set in a absolutely quiet area. Leisure area is better set in a place near windows and add plants at the windows, that makes gym member become a part of nature. 

Various lighting design features different areas’ function.

In cardiovascular machines, people usually do strenuous exercise like bike exercise, play kayak, weightlifting, muscular training so that high brightness and uniform lighting effect is requested to ensure safe exercise. 300ulx and CRI 5000k are suitable 

In physical training room, running area, swimming pool, places for doing aerobics and rhythmic exercise need a more brighter environment. In these places, illuminance is 200lux and CRI is 4000k. Yoga room and resting room should in a low light condition and 150lux illuminance and 3000k CRI are fit to create a peaceful atmosphere. For locker room and restroom, 300lux illuminance and 3000k CRI are good.

In order to create great and uniform lighting effect in cardiovascular machines and physical training room, led tube or 45°or above  led high bay light are recommended. Some people may do sit and up movements in yoga room and gymnastics room, so narrow angle light and direct light are not suggested to apply in the rooms so as to avoid irritating eyes. Great anti-glare designed light is good appliance for yoga room and gymnastics room.

Combination Light with Modern Technology
Doing exercise needs a cozy environment, so indirect light should be used in fitness club. Soft light makes whole environment comfortable and makes people feel free and relaxed. Furthermore, combination light with modern technology is a good way to create different light environment for gym members,for example a green shade scene, that makes people more comfortable.

Smart lighting is a trend in the future.

Lights in fitness club can adopt manual control, inductive control and smart control. Smart lighting control system works in a automatic state so manager can set lighting model in advance for opening, duty and sweeping.In this way, it can help to enhance management level and reduce maintenance fee and avoid continuous light in lighting area. 



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