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Urban Square Landscape Lighting Design Points

Urban square is a  public and artistic space which can best reflects modern urban culture.Lighting requests are different according to plaza’s different functions and characteristics.

Traffic Square Lighting Design 
Intersections and interchanges in urban roads form a traffic square. Because large traffic flow, it has high request to illuminance and uniformity ratio of illuminance.
The lighting of traffic plaza is function illuminating. 
It is requested to provide higher illuminance in the plaza than that in express way. And the illuminance in plaza is 100Lc.There are two ways to enhance lamppost height to avoid glare, one is to set a center disk for lights and the other is to set projective high mast lamp in the surrounding.
In general, it should ensure that angle between driver and light is large than 45°.

Municipal Square Outdoor Lighting Project Generally speaking, a part or a direction in municipal square and memorial plaza has similar function as traffic square so that this part can adopt high-pole lamp for lighting. No garden lamp and no non-cut-off luminaire in this traffic part. Green belt and sculpture in plaza can be decorated with colorful metal halide. The monument and memorable sculpture can adopt warm light led flood light to show dignity.
Besides high brightness in symbol buildings,lighting effect in municipal square and memorial plaza should has a sense of depth.Other places illuminance can be controlled within 10 Lc. Plaza lighting should make people feel comfortable and relax so that sculpt third dimension, glare and lighting visual effect and color rendering should take into consideration.

Leisure Square & Commercial Plaza
In recent years, many cities have built green squares(civil squares) for people to have fun. Lighting in green square should meet physiological requirement, safety requirement and communication requirement. Therefore, the followings are basic requirements for leisure plaza requirement.
1. No glare. It makes people relax, comfortable, casual and peaceful.
2. It meets the demand that people can notice barrier.
3. Enhance illuminance of signals and signs to help people who are not familiar with the surrounding to find right direction. 
4. From safety and communication aspects, it need to ensure that people can tell other people’s face or characteristics within 10 meters.
Leisure plaza puts more attention to light model, lighting effect and reliability of neutral connection and ground connection of light.
Commercial Plaza Landscape Lighting Design
The purpose of commercial plaza is to do business, so illuminance in stores and merchandise display cabinets is high. In this way, people can tell merchandise appearance, color, quality, etc. Therefore, great CRI light source is requested. In premise that less glare in other places, colorful light source can be applied to create colorful scenes to attract consumers.



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