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Billboard/Signboard Lighting Design

Translated by LEAD Lighting Group

Billboard or signboard is a very large board on which advertising is displayed. You can see many beautiful and distinctive billboards on both streets everywhere. Especially, billboard/Signboard lighting in night makes a unique street scenery.The size of media depends on actual environment. Lighting design of billboard can be divided into 6 steps.   
1. Survey & Research
At first, design scale should be decided according to requirement of ad client and ad investor. For ad scale design, designer should consider many factors such as feature, function, style, social history background and board material before doing billboard /signboard lighting design. And other important aspects also should be considered like  integration of lighting style and local environment as well as local conditions including people’s preference for colors, their customs and local power supply, etc.         
2. Analysis

Based on design conception from survey and research, the key content and lighting characteristics are confirmed. And then, the designer need to check major and minor observation point. Finally, make a whole guidance for designing work including brightness and color of the whole board.
3. Design
Brightness: Designer should design billboard lighting effect based on material of illuminated surface or background brightness or light source features. 
Lighting Way:  Lighting structure and expression meaning decide lighting way.
Light Source & Lighting Fixture: Lights manufactured by famous led light factories in European and American ares are recommended to billboard lighting design. 
Lighting Fixture Quantity: Based on design drawing and illumination request,  engineer confirms the amount of light fixture and material,  
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4. Billboard /Signboard Lighting Project Design 
The designer achieves the analytic result on billboard surface and draws relevant effect picture so as to give a lighting solution for customer to review.
5. Construction Drawing
According to the billboard lighting design solution, electrical engineer finishes working drawing.   
6. Working Phrase & Design Method

If billboard/signboard height is within 8 meters, we can mount lights in one single side as shown above and the light uses wide-angle beam for light distribution. If billboard/signboard height is within 4 meters, we can choose 40w led light while the billboard/signboard height is between 4 to 8 meters, we can choose 100w to 200w led light. 

If the billboard/signboard height is between 8 to 12 meters, 200w led light should be mounted on its both sides and adopts wide-angle beam for light distribution. As shown above.
Two billboard/signboard lighting designs mentioned above are wide width but how to design if the narrow width billboard/signboard is over 12 meters.

For narrow width billboard, it should adopt 1000w led light and uses narrow beam for light distribution. If billboard/signboard is over 12 meters or above, both sides should be mounted with lights and the installation way follows one single side billboard lighting design method.
For example, the billboard/signboard height is 5 meters and wide width is 16 meters. As mentioned above, stand is 2 meters, distance between stand and light is 0.3 meters. Distance between light to light is 2 meters and 8* 120w led light are installed for billboard/signboard lighting.
The following is the simulation effect picture.



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