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A New Tide of Mergers And Acquisitions in LED Industry Attacks China in 2015

    Source: LED Inside

     Mergers and acquisitions in China LED lighting industry in 2015 continues to ferment , which set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions. Up to now, LED industry mergers and acquisitions cases are over 25, and the types of which are nearly 30 billion. With the withdrawal of a number of small and medium enterprises,the concentration of LED industries will be further improved in 2015, industry insider says. The leading enterprises with technology advantages and scale effects will come to the fore in the fierce competition. Meanwhile, for many small and medium enterprises, the differentiation of development may make these enterprises be able to get more living space.

    From the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, horizontal mergers and acquisitions are very intensive. Competition in LED industry has changed from the incremental competition into the stock competition. In the case of horizontal mergers and acquisitions, listed enterprises is pushing their merger and acquisitions into some specific fields with industrial strengths, especially in the field of LED display, such as Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd taken over Jin Lixiang, Zhou Ming technology taken over Lan Pu science and technology company Shenzhen Liantronics taken over Eastar.  The acquired enterprises in market segments have larger shares.
     With the industry capital continues to inject into the LED market, mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrading will further improve the concentration of the industry. And technology strengths strength and scale effects of the leading enterprises will gradually become highlight in the integration, and LED lighting pattern is quietly changing. The industry will become more focused on the competition between several large companies in the future, and the small companies will survive difficultly. Diversified developments aim at other market segments may enable these small companies to get more living spaces. 
    Above all, in face of the trend, Shenzhen Lead Opto-Technology Co. Ltd will take active actions to transform development strategy, seeking greater development. The first is to strengthen the enterprise innovation ability, cultivate the core product competitiveness; the second is to focus on market segments, improving product quality; and the last is to improve production efficiency.


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