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New LED Flood Light And New Moon Light Come into the Market

In last week, lead opto technology co., ltd launched two new led lights. One is led flood light CL4 R1 and the other is led panel light CL3 01---- new moon light. What’s new of the lights and what new functions they can bring to users?

I. LED Flood Light with Special Curved Appearance Design

LED flood light CL4 adopts curved surface design,which totally breaks the traditional square appearance of led flood light.The curved surface design style redefines aesthetic concept, which brings a refreshing feeling to consumers.
For body materials, the light shell adopts ADC 12 aluminum die casting and spray the powder surface processing craft makes the light appearance more delicate(silver cover matches black radiator). Larger heat radiating area, great heat dissipation effect, low temperature rise control, and longer lamp lifespan. The integrated design of radiator and panel makes the light a natural led flood light but not led light components combination. 
The biggest advantage of led flood light CL4 is that its fixed support of lamp body can be rotated at 360 degrees so as to adjust the light at any degree.

II. New Moon Panel Light
Lead opto technology co., ltd owns patent right of led panel light CL3 01. This panel light’s appearance is like the new moon that is very beautiful and suitable for decoration in living room, bedroom, entrance hall, corridor and table. And the new moon penal light is not only can be used as lighting product but also lighting art decoration.
What special advantage new moon penal light has?
Firstly, the connection of lamp cap and holder adopts pluggable design, easy to install and convenient for changing light components.
Secondly, rotary LED lamp holder design enables the installed lamp cap to rotate at less than 350 degrees, which makes the new moon light can be used in many other lighting places.
And finally, the new moon light can be directly fixed with screws on walls, easy to install.
It is sure that these new led lights can make your life brighter and beautify your life space. 


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