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What LED Flood Light Is Mainly Applied for?

Today, one friend asked me again"why most places now choose led light as lighting source. And mow most offices in China are changing led light instead of traditional incandescent lamp light. I wonder what led flood light can be used to?"

And I give the following answers.

1.Object Identification Lighting 

LED light can be applied to places like road, stairs, emergency exist, exist passageway and so on. The low-voltage lighting has no fragile substance and energy saving so that it can lower lighting cost. Therefore, led light is worth to be popularized and applied in public transportation field. 

2.Applied to indoor space lighting. 
LED flood lights produce little heat, UV and IR so it wont damage human body and goods. The lighting system is simple an d no need of filtering combination . It is easy yo install in exhibition, museum,shopping mall, etc. 

3.Outdoor Landscape Lighting 
LED flood light can combine with city landscape well and led flood light has great lighting effect city road, deck, waterfront belt, garden and park. Hidden led flood light is very popular. It adopts plug-in fixed end design to convenient height adjustment. 

4.Building Lighting 
As light source of led flood light is is small and slim, linear projective becomes its biggest advantage. This light can be installed in horizontal direction or vertical direction. Therefore, LED flood light is widely used on modern building and historical building. 


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