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What light to use with pendant lamp Ikea so that it doesn't hurt eyes in the bedroom?


       The answer is to use warm light. Do not use too strong light or too weak light as well as harsh white light.

        Bedroom is a place for resting so light used in bedroom should be soft and helpful to sleep. The most important thing is lighting layout can reduce stress in daytime so the light in bedroom should put softness and comfort at the first place.

        Bedroom lighting can be classified into three categories, general lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting. General lighting is mainly for living room and bedroom; local lighting is mainly for dressing and making up, reading, changing cloth and so on; decorative lighting is mainly for creating romantic and warm space atmosphere in bedroom.
        Designer should pay much attention to light ray when making lighting solutions for bedroom. The light ray should not be too strong or too white. Because too strong or too white may cause a very boring space for users. So it is better to choose lights of warm color and that would warm whole bedroom. It is better to install two switches for convenient use.
        Besides general lighting, local lighting combination is a good way for bedroom lighting design. For instance, install two bedside lamps for reading in the night. Light for reading should not be too strong or too weak because this kind of light may hurt eyes. Local lighting of dressing table and wardrobe can be designed above mirror but it is easy to drop shadow if install lights in this way. If lights (of course, warm light is the best choice) can be installed in both sides of dressing mirror, the lighting and dressing effect will be better for users. 
        To sum up, two or three different light is great for bedroom lighting. Some bedrooms emphasize lighting source design, only two table lamps on both sides, two spotlights on sides of dressing table and a few sunken lights can the bedrooms create classic lighting environment. Of course, ingenious use of floor light, wall light and even small pendant lamp also can create romantic atmosphere.


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