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2016 New LED High Bay Light CL7 Has Come to Market

LEAD lighting group has launched latest led high bay light on the market. And  led high bay light CL7 gets great popularity among the industrial led market. Continue to read and find what special design and great function make the led high bay light CL7 so hot in the industrial lighting market.

Unique aeroengine shape design - get high-end, classical, technology and great heat dissipation led high bay light from LEAD Lighting.

The led high bay light CL7 is developed by our R&D department. We own patent for led high bay light CL7, it could be rarely found in the led market.There is a rising market of the high bay light CL7 in the world led industry.

SMD lamp bead: SMD 3030 is of high light effect and high brightness. It is convenient for series and parallel circuits, no dead lamp, low degradation and longevity.

Professionally designed cooling system - get the best combination of aluminum interior lampshade and large area finned radiator to improve cooling effect. And top and bottom vent design creates brilliant cooling effect.And you must love once you use it. 

Comfortable & Bright Lighting Design - 90°beam angle and optical lens for light distribution design make a soft and anti-glare lighting environment.

Great Driver:  Round driver based on aluminum housing promotes high bay light to release heat freely.

Colorful service makes your high bay light a impressive brand and personalized.
Customized Colorful Label: Customized metal label has a branding texture and style.
Labels are designed on both sides of the led high bay light CL7.

Bright stuff: Vibrant color options infuse pleasure lighting environment everywhere. Multiple colors are available.

Recommendation: Brushed Silver

Designed for the real lighting needs — because that's what light’s  role. 
We want you to love lighting environment the new high bay light CL7 creates.
That’s why we test LED High Bay Light CL7 for excellent cooling function not just with similar 100w led high bay light, but also focus on heat-dissipating method.

On LED Market: Most led high bay lights can not be used over 1 year because of bad lamp bead and bad cooling function.
That are what LEAD Lighting Group improve now. Now LEAD lighting group find a solution to those problem. Read how?
Thermal Test Report 
PCB board temperature of 100 watt new high bay light CL7 is 73°while temperature of similar led high bay light is 82°.

Obviously, 100 watt new led high bay light CL7 has longevity.

Heat Dissipation Drawing

Heat Dissipation Method: high heat transmission conductivity 1070 aluminum helps heat produced from light source transfer to large area finned radiator fast. Top and bottom vent design can speed up air convection. In this way, LED high bay light CL7 becomes cool fast and has long lifespan.


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