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What are the components of solar LED street light system

Solar LED street light system consists of LED street lamp, solar modules, poles, lighting controllers, batteries and other several parts, here I briefly explain the various parts.

LED street light: General LED street lights are composed by lightweight and highly robust aluminum material with high thermal conductivity know for favorable mechanical strength, integrated aluminum shell good at resist heat, light weight and surprised security, and it is composed by a number of light source modularized, circuit boards is made by metal aluminum plate with high thermal conductivity, heat, and equipped with a glass lens with the optimization of the light passing through, compared to traditional street light, it can more effectively control the light range and improve illumination uniformity to in line with the light requirements for road lighting. LED street lights based on low power consumption, low power consumption, high reliability, long lifespan, energy saving and environmental protection as an integral part of the solar streetlights without internal drive power is favorable and cheaper.


A solar cell module: a solar cell module is the central part of solar power system. Its function is to convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries or sent to, or promote the load working. Quality and cost of the solar cell module will directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system. For solar cells, the most important parameter is the conversion efficiency, the highest conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon cells is currently 29%, polycrystalline silicon cells is 24%, amorphous silicon is 17%.


Lighting controller: the controller system plays a key role in solar street lighting system, it is particularly important to select a smart controller, supporting a good product can not only reduce the cost of procurement in solar panels the battery, reducing the workload of sale, but also improve the the competitive bidding for relevant enterprises. The controller can be used to discharge at night during any of three periods, each time period can be set between 10 minutes -990 minutes, the output current can be set between 150-4800mA each time .


Pole: In addition to containing the poles, compared with ordinary street light pole, solar street light is equipped with the solar panel bracket, the capaciablity to resistance to wind is better than ordinary lamp. Please note that in order to fully take advantage of solar energy, solar panels should be south (southern hemisphere should be north).


Battery: In the solar photovoltaic systems, the electrically discharged by solar panels are instantly stored in the battery to power the device. Batteries is to stable voltage and store electrical energy and is important device for solar power system. The main technical parameters of battery is the voltage and capacity. It refers to the rated voltage of the battery voltage, i.e., normal operating voltage. Battery capacity refers to the ability to store electricity, the voltage of the solar cell battery voltage should be more than 20% -30% when using solar cells to charge the battery in order to ensure normal charging to the battery.


How to choose the parts of the above system parameters shall be based on each of the different projects, such as local sunshine per year, how many rainy days requiring for continuous operation, a power etc.


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