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How LED Light Helps You Save Money?


    Almost all LED producers, distributors, wholesalers tell their customers that LED light is very energy-conservative and environmental-protective and the LED light is the best light in the world. However, do you ever think about their statements are right or not? In fact, as a worker in LED industry, LED light is surely valuable in energy saving. I can show you the reasons.

    I have installed LED lights in my home for meeting the family’s lighting demand and save electric bill. Before swapping fluorescent lamps for LEDs, I used fluorescent lamp in my home for house lighting for more than 20 years. It turns that 18W LED tube is lighter than 40W fluorescent tube. What’s more, fluorescent tube needs ballast and open switch ware, but LED light don’t. LED light just need to install zero line and wire in series. Fluorescent tube is very hot when working, and the heat fluorescent tube made is almost 3 times than LED light made.

Next, we can calculate how much electric power both LED light and fluorescent tube will spend in lighting. The lighting effect of 18W LED light can compare with and even better than  40W fluorescent tube. For example, both lights are opened for 10 hours, the electric power consumption of 18W LED light is (18/1000)*10=0.18kwh while 40W fluorescent tube is (40/1000)*10=0.4kwh. From what have been mentioned, we can know that the power consumption of fluorescent tube is twice as much as LED light’s, but the lighting effect of fluorescent tube is worse than LED light.

    For environmental protection, we can make a comparison. The traditional fluorescent lamp contains amounts of mercury vapor. If fluorescent lamp is broken, mercury will be evaporated into the atmosphere, which can cause great harm to people’s health as well as the environment. However, LED lights contains no mercury and no lead, which is good to the environment. Furthermore, LED light contains no ultraviolet light , that is very different with the traditional lamp and mosquito will not around the light source. In this way, your house will be cleaner and tidier.


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