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City Is Converting More Streetlight to LEDs

      The city of Shenzhen are using leds as new street light. Many new street lights can be seen in main roads, park lots, bus stations, gyms, gas stations and other public places. Last Saturday, I took bus to home. It was about 6 pm, many people went home just like me. I was so lucky that I had a seat. Therefore, I could view the beautiful night scene on the way to my home.


       Many people went outside for fun in the night. The led street lights make  things in the night be seen so clearly and the light from led street light is as  white as moon. It is so a beautiful and peaceful night. Under the street light,  people were chatting with each other in the seats under the big trees, some  were eating snacks on both road sides, some were walking with families and  others were shopping with friends. What a lovely night, people can have a  leisure time and funny activities in the night.

      Led street light changes our life indeed. With the LED street lights help, the  light effect of main roads is greatly enhanced, which is very convenient for  people go outside and transportation security. Use LED lights is a trend  because of its durability and ease of use.


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