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9 Factors Decide Price of LED Lights

Source: China LED Inside Wechat Platform

    As a green and environmental friendly lighting fixture, led lights are widely used more and more in commercial lighting, decoration, stage lighting and lighting in other places.
    Most LED lights are manufactured parts for assembly due to low requests for led manufacturers to reach. Lack of testing equipment and unified standards makes good led products and bad led products intermingled on the market. Meanwhile, the price of led lights with almost the same appearance, structure, function differs 2 to 3 times due to the competitive fierce and continuous price wars. And the big price difference makes the customers so confused.

9 factors that decide price of led lights will be introduced in the following.

    Wavelength is physical quantity that decides emitting colors of objects. LED luminotron with consistent wavelength can emit pure color. A led light is consist of multiple led luminotrons, and cost will be increased if manufacturer chooses led luminotrons with consistent wavelength. However, most users know little about pure color led lights. If the manufacturer chooses luminotrons with different wavelengths, and the cost will be decreased. Besides, it is difficult to identify led luminotrons without color-division instrument, and buying color-division instrument also increases cost.

2.LED Chip
    The luminous body of led light is chip and the prices of different chips are very different. At present, chips on the led market are mainly from Japan, America, Taiwan and Chinese local manufacturers. 
LED lights made in Japan and America are expensive than led lights made in Taiwan and Chinese mainland because chips Japanese manufacturers and American manufacturers used are more expensive. As far as how to judge led chips, led manufacturers should tell their customers honestly or the clients can observe or test the luminotron.


    Brightness effectiveness decides price of led light. However, brightness of led light is still depends on quality and power of luminotron and chip. As for the cost, the prices of led lights with high luminance efficiency( its power is over 3 watt and it is more than100 lumens per watt)are higher than that of other led lights.

4.The Size of Chip
    LED lights with big chips are better than led lights with small chips. LED with big chips means chip substrate material is great and the led light’s cooing function is great. What’s more , led light with big chip can bear high power and it can provide large luminous flux. 

5.Leakage Current
    LED is light-emitting diode. Diode is of single-track conductivity performance but there also exists reverse current, so it is called electric leakage. If leakage current of a led light is large and energy consumption is large, the lifespan of a led light is very short. Therefore, price of the LED light is low.

6. Anti-static Electricity Capacity
    Anti-static electricity capacity means diode’s bearing capacity of reverse voltage. If anti-static electricity capacity of led light is poor, the luminescent tube is easily damaged but led light will be longer lifespan and better quality if the anti-electricity capacity of led light is great. So price of the led light with great anti-static electricity capacity is high.
Usually speaking, the anti-static electricity capacity of led light over 700V can be used as LED decorative lighting. 

    The key point of led light quality is lifespan. Usually speaking, poor performance led lights are of larger working current, faster light failure and short lifespan. And lifespan of led light is longer and price higher.

8.Beam Angle
    Beam angles of led lights used in different occasions are different. Price of led light with special beam angle is high. For instance, price of led light with diffuse angle is high.

    Rubber of general led light is ethoxyline resin. And the high quality outdoor led lights with UV and fire retardant function are expensive.

    From what have been mentioned above, it is clear that led market is full of mess, which brings negative effect to the popular application of led lights.
    With the guidance of nine factors about deciding led light price, we should identify and compare led light quality before buying them and buy led products from enterprises with good reputation and they provides great after-sales service. Don't buy ridiculously low price products for there's no such thing as a free lunch.


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