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How to Choose LED High Bay Light?


      As a common consumer, most of us may put price at the first place when choosing products and then consider appearance and quality and so on. Sometime we will give the product up if the product price is over budget. However, price should not be the determining factor when buying LED high bay light for industrial use,but high cost-efficiency product is a better choice. How to choose good LED high bay light? 

     1.  Choose LED high bay light should be based on actual demand.

      When choosing LED high bay light for mining industry, petroleum industry and chemical industry,buyers should consider not only safety certificate but also functions such as dust proof,waterproof and anti-explosion. And these factors cause limitation to led light purchase indeed. If users buy cheap led high bay light, it may cause some troubles because the light fails to meet the national safety demand and users often need to replace light which may increase hidden cost. Therefore,led high bay light used in mining industry, petroleum industry and chemical industry should meet national safety demand and approve certification of explosion protection. 

    2.  Comprehensive cost-performance is another important factor.

       Generally, LED high bay light with certification of explosion protection and military industry certification as well as certificate of quality system strictly implement national standard to meet production request.Therefore, this kind of led high bay light is more expensive than the ordinary led lights. And we can think in another way. High quality led high bay light can help to save electric charge cost and it also reduces maintain cost. The point is the high quality can provide reliable protection for security production.

    3.  Choose appropriate power,illuminance and CCT.

       This is a very professional problem.Power of led high bay light should be chosen according to actual lighting area.Higher power may cause electric source waste and low power may fail to meet lighting request.In addition, illuminance and CCT are also significant. For example, high bay lighting in production lines and textile industry need high distinguishability lights and recommends to use high bay light with color temperature value 6000 and good illuminance. 


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