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Floodlight Technique Used in Building Design


    A decade ago, night life became a signal that people enjoy affluence and city lighting gradually became a part of urban residents’ life and governor’s work. From knowing nothing about lighting to express feelings and emotions by night light, floodlight became a building appearance design synonym.

    In fact, floodlighting is a classical technique for building lighting design. Up to this day, even though many design and light technology make progress, many famous buildings in home and abroad still remain this classical lighting technique.
    In daytime, building is reputed as city’s caky music, but light gives dancing notes to city at night.The building appearance lighting design of modern cities not simply refers to floodlight and lighting but should reflect building’s structure, style and aesthetics.
    According to building’s feature, it is appropriate that design certain distance between flood light and building. In order to get even brightness, proportion of flood light’s distance and building’s height should not less than 1/10. If restricted by other conditions, flood light can be installed directly on the building. For instance, some dimensional constructs in abroad , in order to create beautiful light effect, are specially considered to design mounting table for flood light installation. 
  • Determine Color of LED Flood Light
    In general, lighting point of building appearance is to use light to reflect architectural beauty. Displaying the original color of building at night with good color rendering light is the best lighting effect.
    Do not try to change building’s appearance color with light but should adopt similar light to outstand construct ‘s material and style. For example, golden roof is often used high voltage sodium lamp to strengthen lighting effect.
    Multicolor lighting are only suitable to short time lighting occasions and it is not advised to use multicolor light for permanent lighting of building, because color light in a shadow can easily cause visual fatigue.
  • Spot Angle and Direction of Flood Light
    Spot angle makes spot shadow exist and the contrast of shadow and lightness can highlight building’s third dimension. The size of spot shadow depends on concave-convex on building surface and size of spot angle.
Irradiation Directions of Flood Light
    If light diffuses at many directions, it will make third dimension of building disappear. In order to make building have balance visual feeling, layout of lights should stress comfort and function.
    However, single light direction makes shadow angular and it also causes unpleasant feeling. To avoid destroying uniformity of frontlighting, designer can use weak light to gentle the shadow in main lighting direction within 90 degrees.


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