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Key factors of select a led floodlights

A good LED floodlights should be composed of four parts: high quality LED chips, suitable radiator, isolated constant current power supply, effective heat dissipation equipment,sealed constant current power supply.

High quality chips has a specifitical of high energy efficiency,slowly temperature risen,high CRI and antistatic founctions.

led flood light chips

Heat dissipation: there are stiil prodecr heat while a flood light in work although it always be trated as a cold light source.Outstanding cooling system could protect chips and extend the equipment lifespan.

Light shade:lighting alloy is an important part of heat dissipation system.Shell meterial have an effect of lighting ligespan and Aluminum considerd as the best source of shell,then is aluminum alloy and iron munufactured.

Power supply: led flood light needs waterproof power with  aluminum sealed.All of elctronic need approch mandatory access authenticate such as UL,EMC/EMI,CE,whicn reflact the quality of a flood light service time directly.

                                                                     energy supply of led flood light

In addition,the price of low wattage led flood light lower more appeal to high wattage one.For the reason that its no need to use so many heat dissipation parts.


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