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Lead Lighting marketed another latest LED lighting products known as the “unimaginable Ultra - thin ”

In addition to LED high bay light CL6 featured as the “King of Cooling”,Lead Lighting marketed another newest LED lighting products -LED flood light CL4 known as the “unimaginable Ultra - thin ”,that's share the amazing unique properties of this product.

1. Integrated housing and streamlined design,ultra - thin, perfectly placed on billboards and building facades, which does not affect the overall appearance.

2.Quality CREE chip imported with double golden wire and covered by tempered glass lens for the lighting focused and light-emitting at multi-angle, plus SMD encapsulation(Surface Mounted Devices)for the thermoelectric separation of  copper substrate for better conductive,photosynthetic efficiency ≧ 90 LM/W

3.Heat sink with larger heat dissipating area attached on the back of light body for air convection,dramatically  Increase heat dissipation area for the the effective heat dissipation.

4., lamp body tightly coated with high thermal conductivity aviation aluminum and sealed by built-in rubber ring and plug plated by stainless steel,as well as  the cable hole and connector injected by sillicon glue and silicon to prevent water and dust's adhesion and invasion ;  exclusively designed for outdoor lighting applications with varied temperature and humid and dusty environments including stadium, outdoor landscape gardens, parks, building facades, etc .

5.lamp body coverd by temered and clean glass for impact-resistant but does not affect the light permeability.


To dear LED lighting customers and lighting enthusiasts: For the better experience of LEAD Lighting’s LED lighting solutions, LEAD will conduct a comprehensive upgrade and facelift site, including the addition of new product recommended, the detailed product description and performance specifications with more vivid picture, kinds of targeted professional LED application solutions, lively and fun online activities, etc., I'm sorry that all the sub-pages site links will fail, in addition to homepage www.lead-lighting, apologize to bring you the trouble and inconvenience!