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The Indian LED market growth rate will continue to rise in future

     India as a country with the world's second most populous, its economic growth rate and body mass market can not be underestimated. Since India is lack of manufacturing capability, with respect to the European and North American markets, China’s LED lighting enterprises switching to the Indian market is likely to ranks of high-end products. Coupled with the Indian government is planning to encourage the promotion of the use of LED lamp, the Indian LED market growth rate will continue to rise in future.


        The Indian government began promoting energy conservation in October last year, and strive to replace the existing 750 million incandescent bulbs with LED lamp. However, due to the country's poor LED lamp manufacturing industry, or or LED bulb with about 240 billion would switch to China.

       In India, the first lighting revolution occurred in 1878 when Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamp; the second lighting revolution was the 2005 energy-saving lamps launched in India; the third revolution in India was mainly the introduction of LED LED lighting products in 2014; the fourth revolution expected to be the mature intelligent lighting in 2020.


        Currently, about 300 million people in India could not enjoy the benefits brought by the grid, due to undesirable technology of LED in Indian, LED lighting products mainly rely on imports, compared with traditional lamps, LED lamp price is quite expensive. So, India's LED lighting products are currently used in outdoor lighting. But there will be a considerably demand for civilian market with a substantial surge in the India's economic development, covering power.


        As can be seen from the figure, there was rarely market for LED lamp in India in 2005, and a market value was 230,000 by 2014, predicted that the market value will reach 100 million by 2020., LED street light output is expected to reach 41 million among 2015-2020.


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