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Shenzhen LED Enterprises Account for over 50% of LED Enterprises in China

 Source: China LED Website

    Shenzhen becomes the biggest LED trade center in the world reported

by Shenzhen Special Zone Daily. Customers from the new emerging markets in developed countries, Russia, India and Brazil come to Shenzhen to purchase LED products. Just Huaqiang LED trade center, one LED trade center among so many LED enterprises, its volume of trade breakthroughs 10 billion yuan. This massage was from The First Session of LED International Market Trend and Cross-boarder E-business Summit Forum in 2015. Up to now, shenzhen is expanding its influence on LED trade centers all over the world with Internet Plus Strategy and cross-boarder e-business platforms.

    “Shenzhen becomes the LED trade center in the world, which mainly benefits from solid industrial base.,”according to Wang Xiaofei, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World Co.,Ltd. Substratum materials, epitaxial slices in the up section, and chip in the middle of the chain to package, applications and their assorted products, process and test equipment in the lower section made Shenzhen LED semiconductor lighting industry becomes a complete industrial chain with abundant of led business and powerful industrial matching ability.

    Up to now, shenzhen , an electronics industry-oriented base, is the biggest LED package and LED display screen manufacture base around the nation. Shenzhen is strong in LED driver circuit design, smart LED and optical design and its main products are led commercial lights and led public led lights. Statistics show shenzhen has thousands of led lighting technology research and develop departments, manufacturers and apply enterprises, which take up half led enterprises in China.

    Shenzhen pays much attention to the development of LED industry and gives great support to LED industry development in policy, finance , technology and investment, which simulates tens of billions investment fund in LED industry among people. Besides, shenzhen owns a dozen of LED listed companies which create LED industry value over trillions in 2014.

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