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Disney Develops VLC System Applied in Toys and Clothes

       Source: China LED Inside

       Usually, smart equipment depend on Bluetooth or WIFI to communicate, reported cnbeta.


     But the question is that WIFI is not always available and Bluetooth consumes battery very fast, which make Disney researchers find new methods to enable smart equipment to communicate through LED lights.

      As you can imagine, Disney researchers at first make toys with built-in led lights to communicate with each other, and the built-in photodiode can not only emit light but also test light ray. 


     The technology is Visual Lighting Communication (VLC) systems by Disney research. The VLC technology is originally used in many products including tor cars. The toy car can automatically star to drive when light source approached. For another example, the built-in activatable led light of girl’s clothes can twinkle when optical wand approached. 


     However, this technology can be potentially applied in other aspects. For instance,a led adapter of a smart telephone or ipad can receive invisible led optical signal, which enables shops to send notification massages to their customers when they come into the stores. And this function is more effective than NFC Beam.


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