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How to set up stadium lighting system and purchase lights?

For the reason of huge space of indoor stadium,it need to absolute enough lighting source to keep stadium working in a good condition.following shows that how to arrange the lighting system of stadium.

How to set up lighting system?

In order to ensure every angle illumination uniformity, prevent indoor glare, cast light spot stadium lowest elevation to the lamp must be greater than 45 °, but due to the location of the stadium is now set light source are higher and more dispersed, so in order to prevent athletes or causing direct audience, the stadium will now cast using a computer to calculate the spot, to ensure the rational and uniform distribution of illumination. Indoor glare also due to different floor materials or swimming venues reflective surface cause, it is also possible to install the grille or baffle lamps to reduce glare.

Light Distribution: Stadium lights scattered distribution, mainly divided into Outlook Division and the competition area. However, due to the range of motion of athletes not only flat ground sites, the impact of vertical illumination on the athletes as well. Because the reasonable control of the illumination light, it is also necessary to position the light distribution and proper planning, to ensure Athletes premise that the lighting requirements of the auditorium.

source characteristics: light on the extent of the color rendering of objects called color, that is, the degree of color fidelity, high color rendering light source for color reproduction is good, we will see that the color is closer to natural colors , the color of the low light of the color reproduction is poor, we see the color deviation is large. Sports hall lamps should ensure a better color, so that athletes have a more accurate judgment.

 How to choose lights?

1,To ensure that the level of illuminance lighting design meet the need of competition, sports,we should choose the right type of lighting stadium lighting, select the appropriate illumination to satisfy the requirements for using.

2, set up different lighting illumination and brightness according to the basic fonction and foundation of stadium.

3,Taking the installation,maintenance and security into consideration while we design lighting system.

4, in order to save energy, we could usehigh-tech lighting management system with energy-efficient LED lighting .

lighting application in stadium_how to choose stadium lighting


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