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led lights types-different kinds of led lights

With the development of LED, the types of LED lights have been much more than before, it gradually appeard in our life and substitud traditional lighting such as lamps,road lihgt etc.

Then there is a question that what is the feature of those new product and how can we define it.We could separate led lighting to outdoor lights and indoor lights according to applications:

LED outurdoor lights includes: 

LED wall light always has beautiful appearance with variety of styles and forms. Wall lights usually placed in the park, or on the stigma and garden walls. Its easy to install, and maintenance as well as low power consumption.

led wall light

LED garden light.the garden light settled at the side of road and lighting at night.We could have a good glance of Courtyard with those equipment.

led garden light

LED landscape lights, a good lights for garden is beautiful shape and good work in decoration to its environment.

led landscape light

LED street lights.Appiled into the sides of road and provide lights for traffic.

led street light

LED buried lights , as a light using for special parts lunminaire,its easy to move .

led buried light

LED flood lights is created to illuminate the entire scene.

led flood light

LED high bay light is a type design for lunminaire systems of Wharf, exhibition hall, parking lot, art exhibition, gymnasium, workshop, factory, warehouse.

led high bay light

LED spotlight is lights design for illuminating a special area with more illuminance.

led spotlight

LED tree lights, lighting for green belt and trees, and other landscape.

led tree light

LED underwater lights, the lights mounted under the water, the appearance of product is small beautiful, shape as to some buried lights.

led underwater light

LED tunnel lights, in order to solve the vehicle into or out of the tunnel visual brightness mutations produce  to prevent "black hole effect" or "white hole effect".

led tunnel light

LED indoor lights includes:

LED track lights, its distinguishing feature is the ability to move on the track, we could change the irradiation direction, which is suitable for showrooms, museums.

led track light

LED chandeliers, lamps hanging from the ceiling, which is the most commonly used universal, direct, indirect, and other lamp types. Its popular in Multi-purpose living room.

LED chandeliers

LED Ceiling can be directly mounted on the ceiling.easy to install,which given the space brightness.

led ceiling light

LED lamp.the most popular led light which could apply to every scences.bedrooms,hall,ketchen,bathroom,yards and more place.

led lamps

with the popularity of LED, LED lights and more and more species, it has almost reached that product develop to those every aspect that lighting need.


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