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how long led bulb could work?

    In generally,led could work more than 50000 hours and some of manufacturre announced that LED could work more 

than 100000 hours as well.what makes it defference is how we define a led out off work.while we test the life 

span of LED,nobody will light it untill its out off work,we measure it by other research.A high quality could 

working more than 50000 hours with brightness more than 70%.that why LED industrial rregard the led buld life 

span is 50000 hours for its take brightness less than 70% as a bulb in bad condition.

    we need to improve technology of heat dessipation  while we are going to extend led lighting life span for the 

reason of heat making bulb worn. So the better driver and chip led lights used the longer it works.


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