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SMD LED Flood light

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SMD LED flood light CL1

LED flood light CL1 has seven models that include wattage range 10W,20W,30W,50W,80W,100W,150W.mail part of its contains SMD chips and aluminum alloy lamp body.
Product Model:10W/20W/30W/50W/80W/100W/150W
Product application:Application:Mainly apply to outdoor lighting projects, also apply to factories, mines,warehouses and other places. Lamps installed by screws, the process is simple, the lamp is securely installed.
product certification:UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,SAA
surprising:Calculate dramatically savements
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  • product presentation
  • specification parameter
  • performance comparison
  • application scenarios

1.Product Description:

Use high brightness SMD LED as light source, constant current at low voltage.

Use high heat conduction aluminum alloy as material of lamp body, surface coating with high radiating material at static condition.

Reasonable structure, good at cooling, waterproof, dustproof and so on.

Lamps installed by screws, the process is simple, the lamp is securely installed.


Application:Mainly apply to outdoor lighting projects, also apply to factories, mines,warehouses and other places.

Lamps installed by screws, the process is simple, the lamp is securely installed.

3.Product specifications:

LED flood light CL1-product  specifications

parameters of led flood light CL1

 4.Photomatric Data

Photomatric Data of CL1 led flood light

5.Installations of CL1 LED flood light 

LED flood light install

1. Cut off the power.

2. Check fittings, get installation tools ready.

3. Fixed lamp on stand as the installation pictures show.

4. Put the drive on ceiling or other suitable place.

5. Ensure water proof and moisture proof when outdoor use, waterproof junction box is suggested when wires connected, please refer to the installation pictures.

6.Adjust angle and fix, connect to the power after checking without problem.


1.For safe, please ask professionals to install, repair and check. Operate by Non-professionals is dangerous.

2.Should use with specified driver.

3.For fixtures safety, please don’t install them on high temperature and damp places. At least 75mm ventilation space will be asked for cooling.

4.Uncover with insulation blanket and other similar things all the time.

5.Please notice the glasses when install and dismantle.


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