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COB LED Flood light

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High power LED flood light CL7

single COB 60W or 70W or 80W with condenser lens gathered illuminating at optional small angle for more accurately and brighter lighting.
Product Model:LD-FL-120/150/180W-CL7
Product application:1. facades, 2. Town Square (Park), 3. billboard (commercial billboards), and shop signs, 4. landscape sculpture (flowers and trees), 5. stadium, 6. Factory lighting (including warehouses, logistics centers) and garage, 7 bridges (tunnels) and transportati
product certification:UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,SAA
surprising:Calculate dramatically savements
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1. Single COB 60W or 70W or 80W

Unlike LED flood light CL5,LED flood light CL7 with single COB 60W or 70W or 80W instead of 10W with condenser lens gathered lights up at optional small angle for brighter outdoor lighting than LED flood light CL5.

2. Unmatched thermal performance

Like the LED flood light CL5 series, LED flood light CL7 series with unmatched convection radiating grooves periphery lighting mask plus the thinner and much more fin convection cooling structure on the back significantly attribute to the heat dissipation thermal performance.

3.Aluminum die-case housing

LED flood light CL7 with aluminum die-case housing with powder-coat finished tend to the durability

4.IP 65 (Ingress Protection 65)6: completely prevent dust entering 5: without any danger to lamp by washing

LED flood light CL7 tightly sealed by built-in rubber ring and waterproof  bolt and plug plated by stainless steel,as well as  the cable hole  and connector respectively injected by silicon glue  and silicon as well as  power and cord connected by waterproof wiring box sealed is exclusively designed for outdoor lighting applications with varied temperature and humid and dusty environments outdoor including stadium, outdoor landscape gardens, parks, building facades, etc 

5.Tempered transparent glass mask

LED flood light CL7 with tempered transparent glass mask prone to arbitrarily light's transmission and shockproof

6.Stand attached

LED flood light CL7 with stand attached for being tightly mounted can freely rotate at 180 degrees

Files share

File about certification for LED flood light and LED flood light CL7’s Electronic and Optic Specification and Temperature Test and how to install share in Support and Download

 LED flood light CL7 series

  power and lumen        


LED type and weight

LED flood light CL7 80w

  2×40W           6800M


  COB        5.39kg

LED flood light CL7 100w

 2×50W           8500LM


  COB        5.4kg

LED flood light CL7 120w

2×60W          10200LM


  COB        5.41kg

LED flood light CL7 150w

3×50W          12750LM


  COB        9.5kg

LED flood light CL7 180w

3×60W         15300LM


  COB        9.9kg

LED flood light CL7 200w

4×50W        17000LM


  COB        12.3kg

 LED flood light CL7 240w

4×60W        20400LM


  COB        12.3kg

LED flood light CL7 280w

4×70W        23800LM


  COB        13.3kg

LED flood light CL7 320w

4×80W        27200LM


  COB         13.3kg


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