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20W LED Flood Light CL4 R1 IC SMD2835

20W LED Flood Light CL4 R1 IC 2835 is applicable to landscape, plaza, building, bill board, decoration projection, factory, gym, hotel and other public places.
Product Model:LD-FL-10W/20W/30W/50W-CL4-IC Driver
Product application:outdoor place, landscape, plaza, building bill board, decoration projection, factory, gym, hotel and other public places. 
product certification:UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,TüV
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What benefits the IC Direct Driver brings?
A. High PF value (PF≥0.98), high efficiency(η≥90%), low harmonic (THD<15%),
B. Do not need to install safety capacitor or inductance and it can satisfy demand of EMC, energy star and dimming.
C. For circuit, we adopt solid components and parts so as to avoid electrolytic capacitor easy damage under the high temperature state.
D.Integration of power and aluminum base to reduce processing cost.

E.Under the similar condition that the LED light meets the demand of safety export standard and product quality, the IC solution can help to reduce power cost.

What advatages of IC Driver LED Flood Light CL4 R1  SMD2835?

1.Special Curved

The light appearance adopts curved surface design,which totally breaks the traditional square apperance of led flood light.The curved surface design style redifines aesthetic concept, which brings a refreshing feeling to comsumers.

2.Aluminium Die Casting & Spray Powder Surface Processing Craft

The light shell adopts ADC 12 aluminium die casting and spray the powder surface processing craft make the light appearance more delicate(silver cover matches black radiator). Larger heat radiating area, great heat dissipation effect, low temperature rise control, and longer lamp lifespan.

3.Natural Integrated LED light Design

The integrated design of radiator and panel makes the light a natural led flood light but not led light components combination.

4.SMD3030 as light source

SMD3030 can help disperse heat, decrease the lamp cost and enhance light effect.

5.New Light Source Fixed Support

Light source fixed support is added and anti-glare desigh is available. If any need, the light plastic parts can be replaced with anti-glare parts.

6.360 Degrees Rotation

The fixed support of lamp body can be rotated at 360 degrees so as to adjust the light at any degree.


image of flood light application

Flood light CL4 R1 is applicable to landscape, plaza, building, bill board, decoration projection, factory, gym, hotel and other public places.

Product Specification

Product Module



Storage temperature



CLASS I Overall Demansion 186*186*60.5mm
IP Class IP65 Material

Aluminum Alloy

Surface Color





95% R.H.



Working Temperature


Quality Assurance

2-3 years, 3% within 3000Hrs

IC Driver LED Flood Light CL4 R1 SMD2835 10W/20W/30W/50W ia special curved surface design with large cooling area.

It is no power box but it is IC which do driver job.


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