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LED High Bay Light

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LED high bay lighting CL2

COB available, aviation aluminum and optional reflector, perfect cooling function, quality power supply certified, to be lifted
Product Model:LD-HB-30w/60w/120w/150w/180w/240w-CL2
Product application:factories, workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, mines, gym
product certification:UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,TüV,Erp
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1.COB Available

LED high bay lighting CL2 with class COB imported and encapsulated and aggressive color rendering and no glare and no facula contribute to the photosynthetic efficient as high as 90LM/W,,lifespan is theoretically 5000 hours.

2.Aviation Aluminum And Optional Reflector

The lamp body of LED high bay lighting CL2 is made of aviation aluminum extruded and speculated so that the LED high bay lighting is not only durable but never rusting,reflector is specially treated with purity aluminum oxidized and well distributed,there are three kinds of reflective reflector illuminating at 45° 90° and 120°meeting a variety of lighting needs of different occasions.

3.Perfect Cooling Function

Radiator of LED high bay lighting CL2 is made by thermal conductive aluminum and attached with Fin for air cooling and highlighting the ability of thermal radiation by increasing the number of fins for the fast heat dissipated

4.Quality Power Supply Certified

LED high bay lighting CL2 with quality power supply driven by constant current attribute to the wide voltage input,intelligent IC in favor of no surge and smart switch automatic overload protection,certified by TUV

5.To Be Lifted

LED high bay lighting with stainless steel wire rope lifting, very solid,disassembly,easy maintenance; widely used in warehouses, exhibition halls, car parks, art exhibition hall, gymnasium, workshop, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets and other indoor high-altitude area. 

Files share

File about certification for LED high bay light and LED high bay light CL2 COB’s Electronic and Optic Specification and Temperature Test and how to install shared in Support and Download

 LED high bay lighting CL2 series   power and lumen         Dimension LED type and weight

 LED high bay lighting CL2 30w

  30W           2700M 160*H70mm    COB/3030      2.6kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 60W  60W           5400LM 160*H95mm   COB/3030      3.1kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 80W  80W           7200LM 160*H130mm   COB/3030       3.6kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 100W 100W          9000LM 160*H160mm     COB/3030      4.5kg
 LED high bay lighting CL2 120W 120W          10200LM 160*H230mm   COB/3030      5.8kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 150W 3×50W        13500LM ¢250-210*H180mm   COB/3030      7.5kg
 LED high bay lighting CL2 180W 3×60W        16200LM
¢250-210*H210mm   COB/3030      8.75kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 200W 4×50W        18000LM ¢250-210*H230mm   COB/3030      9.6kg
LED high bay lighting CL2 240W 4×60W        21600LM ¢250-210*H260mm   COB/3030      10.84kg
 LED high bay lighting CL2 280W 4×70W        25200LM ¢250-210*H300mm   COB/3030      12.5kg



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