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LED Street Light

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LED street light CL2

advanced COB light source, never rust and unique thermal performance and waterproof, quality power supply, certified and environmental friendly.
Product Model:LD-RL-60W/80W/120W/150W-CL2
Product application:Trunk road, highway, square, garden, courtyards and other road lighting
product certification:UL,CE,FCC,ROHS,TüV,Erp
surprising:Calculate dramatically savements
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1.Advanced COB Light Source

Lighting issued by LED street light with COB(Chip On Board)without ghosting is uniformly and smooth,COB adopt heat resistant tempered glass as material for lens with higher clarity and bearing capacity known for better tensile breaking strength and excellent thermal performance as well as explosion-proof and anti-cold.

2.Never Rust And Unique Thermal Performance And Waterproof

LED street light CL2 with  aviation aluminum anodized and anti-corrosion ,the pretty fashion hollow reticular made

 thermal conductivity aluminum like a leaf where the center is higher than the both side is not only beneficial to the air convection in the hollow dramatically dissipating heat but flowing away heat and water because of the force of gravity,which is ideal for open-air.

3.Quality Power Supply

LED street light CL2 with quality switching power supply ranging 85 to 265V ac input ,constant-current contribute to no stroboscopic ,PF ≧ 0.95;no surge,instantly lightened up,smart overload protection,security and stability.

4.Certified And Environmental Friendly

LED street light CL2 without lead and Hg and noise pollution and strobe is famous for environmental friendly,it has been certified by CE,ROHS,UL.SAA,ERP

Files share

File about certification for LED street light and LED street light CL2 COB’s Electronic and Optic Specification and Temperature Test and how to install shared in Support and Download

 LED street lighting CL2 series

  power and lumen        


LED type and weight

 LED street light CL2 60w

 30W           2700M


 COB/3030      5.33kg

LED street light CL2 80W

 60W           5400LM


  COB/3030 5.65kg

LED street light CL2 100W

2×50W          7200LM


  COB/3030 7.4kg

LED street light CL2 120W

2×60W   3×40W   9000LM

640*250*115mm  800*310*130mm

  COB/3030              7.4kg   12.8kg

 LED street light CL2 150W

120W          10200LM


  COB/3030 12.8kg


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