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Outdoor basketball court lighting system Program

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How to design a basketball court lighting,following is a program of the method and details.

This program is only applly for Stadiums, schools, and other outdoor venues

Stadium Specifications: Length: 28 meters Width: 15 meters (standard)

A single-site basketball court lighting design:

1. Programme Description:

Application: court, school or training venues

Use lamps: 2 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-6) floodlights, six sets,

2. Setting:

6 sets of lights distributed on both sides to ensure that the need of the basketball court playing area, and achieve illumination effects for games and team training requirements.

3.Lighting arrangement plan

basketball court Lighting arrangement plan

A single-site basketball court lighting design:

1. Programme Description:

Application: court, school or training venues

Use lamps: 2 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-6)floodlights, six sets,

          4 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-3) floodlights, three sets,

2. Setting:

Arranged 3 sets of 2 ×200wLED floodlights on both sides of the basketball courts, and place 3 sets of 4 ×200w LED lamp on the Area adjacent to the scourt, this arrangement ensures that the whole stadium lighting are relatively uniform and achieve manufacturing cost savings and ease of installation effects, lighting effects can be capable for match and the team training .

4.Lighting arrangement plan

Product and parameter

Model: FL-CL7

Material: die casting aluminum housing,the structure is compact.waterproof,dustproof and anti-corrosion.

Lamp Size: L525 x W365 x H185MM

Features: COB light source of high efficiency.Good for electricity saving and environmental protection.

Beam angle: 120 degrees

Scope: Lighting stadium, indoor stadium lighting and other places

Input voltage: AC85-265V

Frequency: 50 / 60HZ

Number of LED:4 x50W

Lumen: 17000LM

Light Color: Black

Lamp life: 35000H

Color temperature: 2700-7500K

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