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How to set up a warehouse lighting program

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Demand of warehousing lighting

As a composite service industry of transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding and information industries, logistics is a service industrial of global economic as well as a great promotion of global economic.Warehousing industry increasing more than 20% those years and practice an improtant part in logistics systems.

Nowadays,logistics develop rapidly while major logistics companies going to establishing high automatic,more fonctions and high Space efficiency logistics centre for improving ability of transportation.Those strategies increase the demand of better warehousing lighting system.what’s moreThe enquiry of lighting enhanced from “Need lamps”to “high quality,energy efficiency”.

Efficient LED lighting systems works well in logistics operations, while reducing the error rate, protect workers security and reduce operating costs as well.

The need of lamps would be defferent based on the height of the warehouse building.

Enquirement of warehouse lighting

   High-quality industrial lighting not only suit for extreme environments of industrial production, reduce energy consumption, but also create comfortable visual environment. It makes employees  maintain a good working condition, thereby enhancing production efficiency, reducing the error rate of work, increasing the yield and reducing the production safety accidents, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of corporate value.

     Based on the visual requirements and environmental conditions, the choice of high-quality light,  improves the efficiency and keep space visual clear.

Following is factors are what we need take into consideration:

1.No fliker in perpose of reducing unpleasant emotions.

2.Use a reasonable source to reduce negative impact of heat and ultraviolet light .

3.Choose a good deal with the color temperture and color-rendering index to create a better working condition and comfortable light environment.

     We need take Environmental protection and energy saving into consideration while we are refering to a new lighitng source.That choose long lifespan bulbs to reduce replacement cost make sense and improve working condition as well.

Precautions of warehousing lighting

 Satisfied the requirement of day and lighting working condition

    Lighting system should be available day and night for many working process need practise at day time that some area need lighitngs.

     We should place lightings according to the brightness of warehouse needed to ensure the Working efficiency. In a dark environment guaranteeing high color rendering index, in order to improve the light efficiency.           

 Making suitable lighting system

    Reflection of warehouse ceiling and wall relates to room size. we could use Highly reflective ceiling while warehouse ceiling take a great part,or else we should choose high reflective wall material.what we are going to reward is uniform lunmen and practice it clear and no flicker.

     The highly warehousing ceiling is the highly power and and lower beam angle led high bay light we purchase.

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