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How to design overpass lighting

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Overpass functional lighting design is divided into the pole lighting the central area of overpass, road lighting of outreach part of overpass,the lighting fixture controlling the flux is mainly used as functional lighting. Bridge area features lighting shall be designed to meet the existing norms road illumination standard, pay attention to the uniformity of illumination, switching to the durable security lighting fixture which is easy to maintain.How to layout overpass road lighting is similar to how to layout road light, on a one-way ramp, the lights’ unilateral arrangement located on the outside of the ring bridge is conductive to the traffic-induced, and low cost. The bilaterally symmetrical arrangement is for the wide bridge.

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Method /

1. Collectively setting pole lighting and taking advantage of the high pole and large illumination radius is to improve illumination uniformity, reduce engineering, limiting glare.

2. For lamppost set on both sides of road, using the LED light source produces eye-catching color logo is to depict lane road edges with induced and decorative functions.

3. The lighting fixtures at the overpass road outreach should be the same as those on the outer region of road.

The outreach to the surrounding portion of central area of overpass is substantially linear path to meet regulatory requirements, a common path pole bilaterally symmetrical arrangement can improve road lighting induced. Overpass lighting equipment is necessary to ensure overpass lighting characteristics, but must be compatible with existing road lighting, considering the overall road lighting continuity. Neither too strong contrast is formed,nor form the bright spots brightness intense stimulation on bridge area.

4. Depending on the bridge height to determine the respective positions of the rod and the rod-shaped pole.

 Pole light is known as the overpass eyes, which is used widely. Such as large four overpasses, four-deck center is generally 20m higher than ground. If by using common pole at 30m, a significant glare must be produced because of the relatively small height, not to mention the high-power floodlights with 1000W widely used in the pole. For the overpass extension regions, if the inappropriate choice of lamps, the lighting fixture tend to meet the illumination requirements in one direction, but the light out of overpass emitted from the other direction have a serious impact on the lives of surrounding residents.

 5. Bridge approach section should be possible to use ordinary street lighting

If the use of 40m pol on four-story overpass, the glare will be significantly reduced; and for other locations, select pole lamp at 20 ~ 30m high according to the height of the deck, both to avoid the glare, and avoid unnecessary waste, At the same time,the pole is pretty beautifu, in some areas, switching the lighting pole with the traditional arrangement of radially symmetric to asymmetric arrangement changed as needed can effectively reduce the outside overpass area impact. The conventional street lighting shall be mounted on the bridge approach, avoid the use of high pole lighting, both to maximize the use of the characteristics of lights, and avoid light pollution caused by light pole overflow while saving the cost.

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