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How to design industrial lighting

Lead viewpoint >>
Industrial LED light known as green light with instantly switch, excellent color performance, aggressive efficiency, long lifespan and environmental friendly is very promising.However, there are tons of problems,such as poor color quality, glare, disappointed heat dissipation, power harmonics, power factor,what make matters worse is that there are kinds of industrial LED lamps mixed on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward technical requirements standards and policies to regulate LED lamps, which will help to improve the quality of LED light and technical level, will help improve the quality of lighting. 
Lead suggest >>

(1) For industrial LED lamp fixed working for long time, color rendering index (Ra) is not less than 80.


(2) Color table of industrial LED light should not be higher than 4000K.


(3) The special color rendering index R9 of industrial LED lights (saturated red) should be greater than zero.


(4) The color tolerance of the industrial LED light source should not be greater than 5 SDCM.


(5) Deviation between chromaticity coordinates and the initial value (5) during lifetime of industrial LED lamp is in the CIE1976 uniform chromaticity scale diagram, not more than 0.007 may be referred to as "color maintained."


(6) weighted average deviation of color coordinates of industrial LED lamp in different directions is in CIE1976 uniform chromaticity scale diagram, not more than 0.004 may be referred to as "space chromaticity consistency."


(7) industrial LED lights "lumen maintenance" should be consistent with the product specification, for example as follows:


LED downlight, lumen maintenance is not less than 70% during the life (L70) according to GB / T29294-2012 provisions.


reflective self-ballasted industrial LED lights, according to GB / T29294-2012: life is 25000h who 6000h maintenance rate not less than 92%.


self-ballasted industrial LED lights, according to GB / T24908-2010: the lifespan is 25000h, 6000h maintenance rate is not less than 88%.


 self-ballasted industrial LED lights, "US Energy Star" states: When 25000h 70%, at 6000h 91.8%.


(8) The brightness of industrial LED light is prone to cause glare, the surface brightness (if not more than 100kcd / m2)should be reduced, the glare should be limited and diffuser shall be fitted, otherwise there should be no less than 30 ° blackout angle.


(9)Industrial LED lights and high-order harmonic drive power (especially 3 times) content should be should be limited to consistent with GB 17625.1-2012 in the class C (lighting equipment) provides harmonic limits, pay particular attention to harmonic of below 25W lamp is much great,the measures should be taken.


(10) The power factor of input circuit of LED lamp shall be improved (λ): λ reduced caused by excessive harmonics, it can not rely on capacitance compensation, but should reduce the harmonic content.


According to EU regulations: lamp power> 25W who claim λ> 0.9; lamp power 5W ~ 25W person, λ> 0.5. This requirement and the provisions of GB 17625.1-2012 is the same as λ values calculated by harmonic.

Product recommendation >>
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