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How to Design A Good Lighting Solution to Avoid Light Pollution?

LEAD Lighting Design Idea: How to reduce lighting pollution?
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Translated By LEAD Lighting

    In recent years, construction industry has developed rapidly. External materials of buildings become more and more high-grade and specular lighting effect continues to increase, which cause large light reflection difference.

   What IS LED Floodlighting?

   Floodlighting refers that outdoor aim is brighter than its surrounding by applying a lighting tool. There are two aims of floodlighting. First, floodlight is designed for safe transport, which vehicles can drive normally at night. Second, buildings can be seen in the darkness and save appreciation value of buildings at night.

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What’s the Standards of LED Floodlighting?

    Technician needs the help of experiment instead of calculating value with traditional calculation formula when specular luster of buildings is high and regular reflection in a dominant position. What’s more, technician also need to improve lightness for following items.

     a. Improve Light Types

     In general, for construction, warm color lighting is mainly applied to warm color building. On the contrary, cold color lighting is mainly applied to cold color building. And improve value of light types is smaller and better. Only light source color and building surface color are different, can the technician adopts the maxim improve value.

      b. Improve Surface Pollution of Buildings

      If surface light reflection of building is small and building’s surface is smooth, the pollution level of building surface is minimum. On the contrary, maximum value.

   What Causes Light Pollution And How to Restrict Light Pollution?

    Light pollution, also known as photopollution or luminous pollution, is excessive,  or obtrusive artificial light. Pollution is the adding-of/added light itself, in analogy to added sound, carbon dioxide, etc.

   People usually can see that many signboards and advertisements are dealt with floodlighting. But these signboards and advertisements may cause glare feeling and make people uncomfortable because the light is incompatible with its surrounding and many signboards’ surface are dealt with mirror surface. Therefore, designer should consider the lighting surrounding when designing billboard. It is better to set brightness between 100-500lx for billboard and worker also needs to pay attention to lamp interval in order to have great lighting effect and reduce lighting pollution.

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