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6 Landscape Lighting Designs in Residential Area

Green Lighting Design
Plants Growing Lighting
Sculpture Lighting
Wind and Rain Bridge Lighting
Path Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting Design
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6 Landscape Lighting Designs in Residential Area

Usually the residential area lighting can be divided into 3 types, that is, functional lighting, decoration lighting and waterscape lighting. It adopts lights with high-light efficiency and high lumen to save energy in the design. This article mainly introduces how to design and install the light through 6 different landscapes in residential area.

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Green Lighting Design

Greenbelt lighting generally designed for highlighting low shrubs and flowers beauty.
1.Choose lawn lamp, garden lamp, low power lawn spotlight and energy-saving, high-light efficiency light source for green lighting.
2.The walking street light illumination is no less than 10Lx;

3.The lawn light layout distance usually is 5m-10m. 

Different Types of Lawn Lamp


Widely applied to park landscape, advanced community, garden cottage, tourist spot, holiday resort, golf course, enterprise factory green beautification, residential community green area lighting, commercial walking street, etc.

Landscape Lighting

LED Flood Light
Functional lighting generally refers to light distributes symmetrically, crossly or evenly in one single street side, which is arranged inductively.
1.For street lighting, the height of light is no less than 4.5m, and the distance between lights is about 25-30m;
2.For garden lighting, the height of light is no more than 3.5m, and the distance between lights is 15-25m

Plants Growing Lighting

Community plant lighting usually refers to tree lighting. The most common way is to take a light or a row of spot light to place in the root of the trees. The molding tree can be decorated with underground lamp. According to tree crown’s size to choose corresponding lights. The larger the crown is, the wider the beam, and vice versa. For important facade, layering lighting and low power light is a better design way and energy-saving underground lamp is considerable.
As for flickering, it should reduce the brightness of the lamp surface, such as using ground glass or diffusing glass. Partial lighting lamp can use the opaque reflector. It should adjust the suitable shading angle based on the lighting object. It also can use semi-direct lighting or diffused lighting.

Decorative Lighting Design

LED strip light can be hung on tree and make the tree look like starry, which also can be used to increase the holiday atmosphere during the festival.
The light adopts optical fibers strip or LED rope light and the power of LED strip light can be considered to 8-10w/m. If it requires varieties and diversity colorful effect, HID is the first choice which is often called xenon lamp. This kind of light neither generates extra flaring nor single color.
In order to obtain best lighting effect, it should considerate the fresh and high-quality lights with world leading driver and electric to guarantee economy and quality.

Sculpture Lighting Design

Besides highlighting sculpture lighting effect, sculpture lighting design should reduce glare problem so as to avoid harm to human eyes.
Spot Light 
Individual sculpture adopts underground lamp or spot light to add atmosphere to theme.
The illuminance of sculpture lighting is 150-300lLx.
Wind and Rain Bridge Lighting Design 
Garden lighting fixture can be fixed up around Wind and Rain Bridge. If this is a Wind and Rain Bridge with roof, it can be decorated with ceiling light.
The illuminance is over 10Lx.

Path Lighting 

In general, path lighting combines with other landscape lighting so as to create changeable and colorful path.
Lawn lamp and garden lamp are in common use in path lighting and distance between lights can be extended to a suitable certain to make good lighting effect.
If there is just a simple path and no other landscape lighting, the light distance should be shorten.
The illuminance is 10 -50Lx.

Street Light Categories

1. Street light in low position
Low position street light express warm atmosphere and small distance between lights can make a good lighting effect for people to walk at night.
2.Street light in Streets & Roads
The height of lamp pole is between 1 to 4 meters. There are varied led light including down light, panel light, global light and direction conducive hood downlight.
And  these light are usually installed one road side or random layout.
3. Parking Lot lighting & Main Road Lamp
As for parking lot lighting and main road lighting, the height of lamp pole is 4 to 12 meters and use powerful light source and long long distance between light(10-50m).
Commonly Used Lights in Parking Lot
As for lighting design in district roads, it can choose to separate landscape lighting and general lighting. And lights for general lighting can be turned off at midnight so that electric power can be effectively saved. 
Because of influence of automobile exhaust, the use time is longer and the brightness of light fixture becomes darker. Therefore, the brightness is a important factor at the beginning of designing parking lot lighting.

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